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This node of the American Dust website (formerly Brautigan Bibliography and Archive) provides comprehensive information about Richard Brautigan's screenplays, movie treatments, and appearances in movies. Use the menu tabs below to learn more.



Richard Brautigan was, throughout his life, fascinated with movies. As a child, time spent watching movies was time escaping from the realities of an impoverished life. As an adult, Brautigan appreciated the cinematic and narrative crafts displayed in the movies he watched. Writing screenplays was also, he thought, a way to make money.

Two screenplays written by Brautigan are known. One is based on his novel The Hawkline Monster, the other, Trailer, was written with Brad Donovan. Brandon French adapted A Confederate General from Big Sur. None of these screenplays were ever made into movies. SELECT the "Screenplays" menu tab to learn more.

Brautigan was paid to develop a "treatment" (an expanded idea for a film) to be called Magicians of Light. SELECT the "Screenplays" menu tab to learn more.

Brautigan made a number of 16mm films with San Francisco film maker Loren Sears. One, titled Yosemite Backyard, featured a voice over of Brautigan reading his poetry over a microscopic view of an overgrown backyard. SELECT the "Appearances" menu tab to learn more.

Brautigan had small roles in several creative movies and documentaries. For example, Brautigan has three very short appearances in the movie Tarpon. SELECT the "Appearances" menu tab to learn more.

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