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This node collects and categorizes international and local news, updates, and information regarding Brautigan-related events. Submit information about your news, update, or event to (see "contact" in the menu above"). Use the links below to access further information and resources.
New Brautigan website
11 April 2016
Brautigan fan Julian Yanover has created an interesting website about Brautigan, complete with biography, a multimedia gallery, and a timeline and timemap of his life. Several Brautigan poems, as well as the full text of Trout Fishing in America are available as well. Visit Yanover's website here.
image from the movie Here Is Something Breautiful (etc)
Brautigan film announced
24 July 2013
Here Is Something Beautiful (etc), rotoscope animated movie based on the life of Richard Brautigan, directed by Anthony Lucero and featuring appearances by Jeff Bridges, Neil Gaiman, Wim Wenders, and others, was announced today with the release of a music video for Emily Wells' song "Darlin'" from her album Mama Acoustic Recordings. The music video is a full scene from the movie and is based on Brautigan's short story "Times Square in Montana." Wells wrote the musical score for the movie. More information, and the video, here
Brautigan biography now available
Jubilee Hitchhiker: The Life and Times of Richard Brautigan, the new Brautigan biography by William Hjortsberg, published by Counterpoint Press, is now available.

Learn more about Hjortsberg's biography