12 strawberries remind of Richard Brautigan

12 strawberries
Richard Brautigan portrait

This is a monument, a monument consisting of 12 fresh strawberries and the signature Richard Brautigan. I think people would be very surprised when they pass a monument with 12 fresh strawberries and the signature Richard Brautigan in a park or before a town hall. So this monument has the inscription »12 strawberries remind of Richard Brautigan«. But I guess people will nevertheless be surprised, that's usual for Richard Brautigan.

The drawing of Richard Brautigan doesn't belong to the monument. I just felt like drawing one.

The starting-point for this monument was a haiku from »June 30th, June 30th« by Richard Brautigan. It's a haiku about 12 strawberries:

Strawberry Haiku

. . . . .
. . . . . . .
The twelve red berries

If you're worried about this monument because strawberries habitually don't keep fresh for a long time: Don't panic!-) As long as people read books by Richard Brautigan the 12 strawberries keep fresh.

And now let strawberries speak forever:-)

Richard Brautigan
1 ... learns to read 2 ... learns to write 3 ... believes in success
4 ... goes fishing 5 ... is a star 6 ... invents the internet
7 ... shows movies in your head 8 ... goes to war 9 ... travels to Japan
10 ... goes downstream 11 ... terminates his childhood 12 ... plays forever
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